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New Construction Home Inspection From a Preferred InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector in Las Vegas, NV

Contractors Performance Standards

The NEW CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION is a standard whole-home inspection on steroids. 

Akamai Home Inspectors review the new construction for compliance to the minimum standards for workmanship, quality and product performance, to be provided by licensed contractors.

Using the “Nevada Performance Guidelines” we inspect to a higher degree of standards than a regular home inspection.  The Nevada Contractors board is fairly specific about the quality of the finished product that the consumer receives and our NEW CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION helps you hold them to those standards.  Our goal is to ensure that the new home owner receives a home that meets the minimum standards of quality that they deserve.


  • Broken or Damaged Roof Trusses.

  • Missing of Improperly Installed Low-E Windows

  • Imperfections in Walls or Ceilings

  • Flaws or Imperfections in Paint

  • Attic Insulation Amiss

  • Flaws in Grout lines

  • Flawed or Improper Caulking

  • Warped or Misaligned Cabinetry

  • Settling of Heaving of Block Walkways / Driveways

  • Flashing Joints Visible Through Drywall Finish

  • Electrical Outlet, Fixture or Fixture Malfunctions

  • Improper Clearances on Doors.

  • Plumbing Fixtures Lines Reversed.

  • Garage Doors amiss.

  • Plumbing Lines / Drains Leaking.

Find these common issues before you close on your new construction home or before your builder warranty expires and before they become YOUR headache and money pit

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